High-5 Divisions


The last thing I wasn’t to do during this freezing cold and snowy basketball season is turn the car around because one of my kids has forgotten something for basketball! It never fails…you ask if they have x and y. They say yes. But you didn’t ask about “z.” Of course you didn’t, because that’s what they forgot!

This list is comprised of suggestions from many of readers:

BASKETBALL SHOES (don’t put those shoes on at home…they need to stay clean for the court! Instead wear slides to the gym and change into the basketball shoes)
court grip (my kids LOVE this…so they don’t slide around on the court)
instant cold pack
extra mouth guards
first aid kit/ibuprofen
wet wipes
extra ball
empty water bottle (in case you forget to pack water…you can always find a hose or bathroom)
Gatorade single packets to add to water
peroxide spray (will get blood out of uniforms if an accident happens)
stadium seats
Basketball Coaching Board
piece of wood and ace bandage (in case of injury)
clipboard with all the parents’ phone numbers
sticky notes
Remember The Perishable Items
SNACKS (we have some great suggestions for how to pack them HERE and what to pack HERE)
To help you remember the things that can’t always stay in the bag, use this FREE printable and attach it to the bag. We suggest covering it clear packing tape or laminating it so it doesn’t tear.